For all Outdoor Photography Plan
About Deposit
To confirm the reservation, we will charge a deposit for the photography fee. Please pay the invoice that we will send to your e-mail by credit card. When you come to the store, please pay the balance that is left over.
※If the deposit fee is not paid by the deadline, the reservation is automatically cancelled.
※The deposit will be paid back in case of very bad weather.
※Please contact us as soon as possible if you do not have any VISA, Master, American Express, or JCB card.

About Repayment for the Cancelled Reservation
Because the price is different, please check the Location Photo Plan page. 

About the visit time
There is any possibility that we can not accept if you come to the store late. If you come late, please contact us and we will change the time.

About the rendezvous
We would like you to pay for the taxi fee (outward trip) if there is any rendezvous with our photographer.

About the photographer in charge

For the designated photographer, a designation fee will be charged. Please consult the photographers' profile page for details.

The photographers are Japanese and Taiwanese. We will let our translator staff go with you if you do not speak Japanese or Taiwanese.

About the option fee
We will let you pay for the entrance fee for the places, lunch and drinks.

About the photography without kimono rental

If you wish to get an outdoor photoshoot without renting a kimono, please consult the Dispatch of Photographers page for prices and details.


Etiquette and Photography at Shrines and Temples

・Please behave calmly and respectfully

when you visit Japanese shrines and temples for photography.

Shrines and Temples are sacred places where the God and Buddha are enshrined rather than a sightseeing spot.

Please make sure to be quiet in precincts and be considerate of other visitors.

・Please keep silent

By courtesy of the temples, we have special permission to take photos in the precinct.  So please understand the rules to keep silent and consider other visitors.

・Please follow instructions

of the temples and our staff members.  Otherwise permission will be cancelled and we might have to leave the temple.

・Please sit and admire the beauty of the temple

You can relax and admire the beautiful temple gardens and feel the nature sounds.  Then let us capture your natural expression with the beautiful scenery.

Kimono (yukata) Rental/Premium Plan
About the location photo plan

The location photo plan is optional. It is not included in the kimono rental fee. 


About the transportation
The transportation will be taxi. The taxi fee will be paid by customers.

About the cancellation
For the morning course (9:00 am), the early morning charge will be charged. 

About the Location Photo Plan only
If you choose the Location Photo Plan without the kimono rental, the price will be added \11,000 (w/o tax).

About the cancellation because of the weather
Normally, we will continue the photo shoot even if it is raining. If there is any storm, we would like to cancel the photo shoot. In that case, the cancellation fee will not be charged. 

About the amount of person
The maximum is 4 person. The price for 5~7 person is 1.5 times, 8~10 person is 2 times from the price. (Please discuss if more than 11 person)

About the pictures

Please choose the media for pictures:
1. SD Card or USB Memory for \1,500 (w/o tax)
→If there is no time to pass the media to customer, we will send it. The mail fee will be \600 (w/o tax). 
2.Download by the website for free. 


Japanese Wedding Dress
About the visit time

The visit time are 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. If you have any desire time, please discuss. 


About the transportation
The transportation will be taxi.

About the cancellation
Cancellation or time changing are possible, please discuss. If there is any bad weather, we would like to change the day. 

About the strolling Kyoto in the dress

We will depart and return the store together. You are not allowed to stroll Kyoto in the dress.

About the pictures

The pictures can be downloaded in the website. 


About the visit time

The visit time will be 9:00 am and 13:00 pm. Please discuss if you have any desire time.

Also, if you come late for the afternoon course and becoming dark, we would like to cancel the photo shoot. Please come by the time.

About the transportation

The transportation will be taxi. In one taxi, it fix for four person. 

About the high season

In the high season, there will be a lot of tourists. We would like to have your understanding if there is a lot of tourists that taking your pictures. 

About the cancellation

We would like to cancel the photo shoot if it is raining. 

About the pictures

The pictures can be downloaded in the website. 



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